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          Consultation hotline:+86 0512-68057776
          Provide efficient and high quality system solutions for the market.
          ABOUT US
          Suzhou ngoxi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2014. The company's headquarters is located in Suzhou high tech Development Zone, and has a branch in Shenzhen. The company currently has two business divisions: laser engraving and intelligent manufacturing system. As a company based on science and technology ……
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          • 2014
            The company was founded in 2014
          • 10+
            Our products are used in more than 10 industries
          • 92+
            92 new patents and technology patent certificates
          • 3000+
            More than 3000 products are produced every year
          Perfect marketing service network, provide service for you nearby
          The general trend of intelligent manufacturing has achieved remarkable results in China

          With the rapid development of science and technology information, intelligence has become a familiar word. Intelligent products into thousands of households, at the same time, more and more enterprises in China are developing towards the direction of intelligent transformation. It is understood that last year, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology identified 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects among many enterprises, covering 3D printing, cement intelligent manufacturing, optical fiber intelligent manufacturing, clothing personalized customization and other projects, in order to comprehensively promote the transformation of manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing.

          Now it has been a year, how effective are these projects? Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, gave a positive comment on this: "from the perspective of implementation effect, it has achieved very significant results. For these 46 projects, its manufacturing efficiency has been improved by 30%, its energy saving has been saved by 9.5%, and its R & D time has been shortened by 35% compared with the past, which has achieved very good results."

          Intelligent manufacturing is a gradual process and an ultimate goal. Digitalization and networking are the basis of intellectualization, while intelligent manufacturing can only be realized on the basis of digitalization and networking. Although China's intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects have achieved remarkable results, there is still a long way to go. Miao Wei said: "our biggest weakness is still the process of our industrialization. There is a big difference. For example, Germany, a developed country, basically meets their standard of 3.0. If measured by this standard, many of our enterprises have not yet reached 2.0, so we need to make up for the lessons of 2.0, promote 3.0 and develop to 4.0. "

          With the development of intelligent manufacturing, some specific technical problems appear. In the long run, this brings some new problems that are not found in the traditional way. For example, security issues, now a Trojan virus implanted into a terminal may bring a series of social impact, large-scale problems. The above problems exist objectively, and higher requirements are put forward in terms of security and other technologies. Although China is faced with inherent deficiencies in the process of promoting intelligent manufacturing, it also has its own unique advantages. "China is the largest manufacturing country in the world, and we are also a country with the largest Internet application. If we give full play to these two advantages, especially industrial enterprises and Internet enterprises, better integrate them together, it will make up for our shortcomings, turn disadvantages into advantages, and give full play to our existing advantages, so as to speed up our entire industrialization process."

          At the same time, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, specially said that he would promote the effective production and management mode of Intelligent Manufacturing in the pilot demonstration in relevant industries, and further expand the scope of intelligent manufacturing demonstration, so as to promote the early occurrence of manufacturing industry reform. Boyun Suzhou software company also believes that the development road of Intelligent Manufacturing in China will be better and better.

          The connotation of intelligent manufacturing

          (1) Concept the research on intelligent manufacturing has roughly gone through three stages: started from the application of artificial intelligence in the field of manufacturing in the 1980s, the concept of intelligent manufacturing was formally proposed, developed in the 1990s when intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing system were put forward, and matured in the new generation of information technology since the 21st century Manufacturing)”。

          The 1980s: the concept was put forward. In 1998, Paul Kenneth Wright and David Alan Bourne published the first monograph smart in the field of intelligent manufacturing Intelligent manufacturing is defined as "modeling the skills and expert knowledge of manufacturing technicians by integrating knowledge engineering, manufacturing software system, robot vision and robot control, so that intelligent machines can carry out small batch production without human intervention". On this basis, Professor Williams of British Technical University has made a more extensive supplement to the above definition, and holds that "the scope of integration should also include the intelligent decision support system throughout the manufacturing organization". McGraw Hill Science and technology dictionary defines intelligent manufacturing as the activity of manufacturing goods by adopting production technology with adaptive environment and process requirements to minimize supervision and operation.

          ——The concept of development in the 1990s. In the 1990s, not long after the concept of intelligent manufacturing was put forward, the research of intelligent manufacturing was widely valued by the industrialized developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, and international cooperation research on Intelligent Manufacturing Technology (IMT) and intelligent manufacturing system (IMS) was carried out. In 1991, Japan, the United States and Europe jointly initiated and implemented the "international cooperative research plan for intelligent manufacturing", which proposed: "intelligent manufacturing system is a kind of intelligent activity throughout the whole manufacturing process, and organically integrates this intelligent activity with intelligent machines, It is an advanced production system that integrates the whole manufacturing process from ordering, product design, production to marketing in a flexible way, which can maximize the productivity.

          ——Since the 21st century: the deepening of the concept. Since the 21st century, with the rapid development and application of new generation information technology such as Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing has been given a new connotation, that is, smart manufacturing under the condition of new generation information technology. In September 2010, the United States held the "21st century intelligent manufacturing seminar" in Washington, D.C., pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is an enhanced application of advanced intelligent systems, which makes it possible to rapidly manufacture new products, respond to product demand dynamically, and optimize industrial production and supply chain network in real time. Germany officially launched the industry 4.0 strategy. Although it did not explicitly put forward the concept of intelligent manufacturing, it contained the connotation of intelligent manufacturing, that is, the enterprise's machines, storage systems and production facilities were integrated into the virtual network physical system (CPS). In the manufacturing system, these virtual network physical systems include intelligent machines, storage systems and production facilities, which can automatically exchange information, trigger actions and control each other independently.

          To sum up, intelligent manufacturing is a new manufacturing system that combines the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other new generation information technologies with advanced automation technology, sensing technology, control technology and digital manufacturing technology, so as to realize real-time management and optimization of factories and enterprises, between enterprises and the whole life cycle of products.

          (2) Characteristics
          The characteristics of intelligent manufacturing lie in three aspects: real-time perception, optimal decision-making and dynamic execution. Intelligent manufacturing needs a lot of data support, through the use of efficient, standard methods of real-time information collection, automatic identification, and information transmission to the analysis and decision-making system; the second is to optimize decision-making. Through the mining and refining of massive heterogeneous information oriented to the whole life cycle of products, calculation analysis, reasoning and prediction, the decision-making instructions for optimizing the manufacturing process are formed. The third is dynamic execution. According to the decision-making instructions, the state of manufacturing process is controlled by the execution system to realize stable and safe operation and dynamic adjustment.

          (3) Composition
          1. Intelligent products (equipment)
          Intelligent product is the basis and premise of intelligent manufacturing, which is composed of physical parts, intelligent components and connecting parts. The intelligent components are composed of sensors, microprocessors, data storage devices, control devices and software, as well as built-in operation and user interface; the connecting components are composed of interfaces, wired or wireless connection protocols; and the physical components are composed of mechanical and electronic parts. Intelligent components can strengthen the function and value of physical components, while connecting components further strengthen the functions and values of intelligent components, so that information can be connected among products, operating systems, manufacturers and users, and part of the value and function can be separated from the existence of physical products.

          Intelligent products have the functions of monitoring, control, optimization and autonomy. Monitoring means that through sensors and external data sources, intelligent products can comprehensively monitor the state, operation and external environment of products; with the help of data, once the environment and operation status change, the product will send a warning to users or related parties. Control refers to remote control through commands and algorithms built into the product or in the product cloud. Algorithms can make products respond to specific changes in conditions and environments; optimization refers to analyzing real-time data or historical records and embedding algorithms, so as to greatly improve the output ratio, utilization rate and production efficiency of products; autonomy refers to the integration of detection, control and optimization functions, and the product can achieve an unprecedented degree of automation.
          2. Intelligent production intelligent production refers to the intelligent manufacturing system as the core, intelligent factory as the carrier, through the factory and enterprise internal, between enterprises and product life cycle to form a manufacturing network characterized by data interconnection, to achieve real-time management and optimization of the production process. Intelligent production covers digital design and Simulation of product, process design and factory planning, bottom intelligent equipment, manufacturing unit, automatic production line, manufacturing execution system, logistics automation and management system, etc.
          3. The intelligent service collects the equipment operation data and uploads it to the enterprise data center (business cloud). The system software monitors and controls the equipment online in real time, and carries out equipment maintenance in advance through data analysis. For example, Vestas installed sensors, memory, processor and SCADA system in the engine room, hub, blade, tower and ground control box of the fan to realize real-time monitoring of the fan operation. In addition, through the built-in micro controller in the wind turbine, the angle of the fan blade can be controlled in each rotation, so as to capture the wind energy to the maximum extent, and each turbine can be controlled to minimize the impact on adjacent turbines while maximizing energy efficiency. Vestas processes the real-time data to predict the possible faults of the fan components, so as to reduce the possible instability of the fan, and uses different tools to optimize these data to achieve the optimization of the fan performance.

          (4) The core of the development of intelligent manufacturing is to improve the production efficiency of enterprises and expand the value-added space of enterprises, mainly in the following aspects: first, shorten the development cycle of products. Through intelligent manufacturing, the time from R & D to marketing, from order to delivery can be shortened. Through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, high downtime for machines and plants is reduced, and production interruptions are continuously reduced.

          [independent research and development] congratulations on nxi s450pf winning the 12th VA Vision Award!

          On April 24, 2018, the 12th SMT China Vision Award presentation ceremony was held at the Nepcon exhibition booth 1e39 of Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. Congratulations on the award of VA foresight award to enrol with s450pf laser engraving machine.

          The award, sponsored by SMT China surface assembly technology magazine, aims to recognize outstanding enterprises that continuously promote technological innovation and bring technological innovation to the industry.
          VA Vision Award is the only internationally recognized competition activity in China's electronic assembly industry in SMT industry. It is evaluated by an independent expert evaluation committee and a review committee composed of some readers. The evaluation criteria are as follows:
          1. Innovation (creativity in the design of the shortlisted project itself) and its help and contribution to the downstream industry;
          2. Reduce costs;
          3. Improve quality;
          4. Increase efficiency;
          5. Improve reliability;
          6. Improve safety;
          7. Energy saving and environmental protection, as well as for the industry;
          8. Comprehensive influence

          As a new cutting-edge in the industry, eoxi has become an influential brand of laser tracing equipment in the industry. En'ouxi people are determined to become the industry leading brand in the field of electronic intelligent manufacturing, benefit the industry and give back to the society; and for this purpose, we will continue to innovate and research and develop a new 3D laser engraving machine, s450pf, from the perspective of improving the quality and production efficiency of customers' products
          S450pf has the following characteristics:
          1. Breakthrough innovation: three section guide rail with built-in turnover mechanism (industry first, has successfully applied for invention patent); while the most efficient front and back laser bar code, the transmission efficiency of CT is increased by 30%.
          2. It is the industry's first time to design the board length non difference stoper positioning (has successfully applied for the invention patent); it subverts the traditional front and back flip laser working mode, and the efficiency of each PCB flip is increased by 15%.
          3. The fluctuation rate of laser output power is less than 1%, which is the highest in the industry.
          4. Independent high-precision visual inspection system, the detection rate of 1 * 1mm bar code reaches 100%.
          5. Adopt integrated processing and forming high rigid body, INOVO bus servo control system, automatic high performance purification system.
          6. The software has an intelligent mechanism of preventing from being stuck and re carving. According to the needs of different customers, the laser tracing system and MES docking system can be customized to realize the compatibility of online and offline engraving modes.
          7. Badmark and defective board can be identified, and the bad board information can be fed back to the later process.
          8. The internal turnover plate structure design is adopted. The stop position is located in the middle of the track. After turning the board, it is not necessary to drive the PCB again to complete the engraving on the other side, which can reduce the cycle time of code engraving on both sides at the same time, and improve the speed.
          9. Three section track design is adopted inside the machine, and the track width is automatically adjusted according to the board width. When the PCB length is less than or equal to 300 mm, it has the function of pre entering the board. At the same time of a PCB engraving, there is a PCB waiting at the front and back, which reduces the waiting time of PCB transmission during code engraving.

          We will always provide high-quality service for our customers, at the same time, constantly rely on our strong R & D strength to optimize product competitiveness, and truly create value beyond expectations for customers.

          Suzhou NOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

          Pay attention to noc

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